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2.1.Setup a License Server #

Watch a video that shows how to do this.

You must have at least one computer designated as a license server. The license server provides two key functions –

  • Communicates over the Internet with the online entitlement system to obtain information about your company’s license of Buyout.
  • Keeps track of the number of instances of Buyout that are currently in use by checking out uses of Buyout to computers running Buyout and checks uses back in when they are no longer in use.

Typically, there will be only one Buyout License Server in your network environment. It is possible to have more than one Buyout License Sever if your license includes multiple concurrent uses of Buyout and you need to split uses up into groups or designate uses for separate stand-alone installations of Buyout.

The Buyout License Server should be a computer that is always powered on during times when users may be using Buyout. For convenience, it can be the same computer as your SQL Server.

To setup your Buyout License Server, go to the computer that will serve as your Buyout License Server, and follow these steps –

  1. Launch the Buyout installer (e.g., setup-buyout-x86-2.00.xxxx.msi).
  2. When prompted to select the Buyout components to be installed, check the License Service box.
  3. Optionally check the other checkboxes if you plan to run any of these programs on this computer –
    • Buyout Application
    • Database Manager
    • License Administration
  4. Complete the installation.
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