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Buyout for Sage Estimating

The buyout process is one of the most critical steps toward delivering a profitable construction project. Even before you break ground, making or losing money could be predetermined based on how well you buy out the project.


With Buyout, you can use the items in your estimates to request prices from suppliers and subcontractors, issue purchase orders, and transfer commitments to Job Cost and Purchasing applications.

Perform the tasks necessary to buy out your job, such as:

  • Generating and sending RFQs to suppliers and subcontractors
  • Recording, analyzing, and selecting received bids
  • Automating PO generation
  • Analyzing estimated versus actual costs


Estimators choose Sage Estimating Buyout for:

  • Jumpstarting bid solicitation and vendor selection
  • Evaluating supplier and subcontractor quotes
  • Eliminating duplicate entry in the buyout process
  • Automating purchase order generation and job cost tracking
  • Combining items from multiple projects to take advantage of volume discounts


Integrate with estimating and accounting

Build a worksheet of items to buy out automatically by reading directly from Sage Estimating. Use Buyout to access standard cost codes, categories, and tax groups stored in Job Cost and Accounts Payable applications. Once subcontractors and suppliers have been chosen, commitments are transferred electronically to Job Cost and Purchasing. Take advantage of data that already
exists in your Sage accounting solution through Buyout’s integration with Job Cost, AccountsPayable, Address Book, and Purchasing.


Limit exposure with real-time information

Not only does Sage Estimating Buyout save time and reduce effort by automating bid solicitation, it also provides an important tool for determining where you are in the buyout process. Establish percent complete, minimize your exposure, and immediately see how your actual prices compare with your estimated costs.

Built for your buyout process

View items the way you want to see them. Use standard views, or create your own custom views
that group, sort, and filter the items based on any field such as WBS, location, phase, or material class. Group materials or subcontract items for ease in obtaining prices.

Create quote groups and assign items to them. Select any number of potential vendors or subcontractors for each quote group and use prices from Buyout’s standard price database for items in the quote sheet. Then request pricing from vendors using an Excel worksheet that can be imported back into Buyout. Use the Summary Quote sheet to organize vendors’ or subcontractors’ quotes from low to high and save prices from the quote sheet to a Buyout standard price database.