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2.4.2.Configuration for Sage 300 Construction #

In order for Buyout to communicate with Sage 300 Construction, permission must be granted to the following items using Sage 300 Construction – Security Administration:

  • Tasks
    • ODBC
      • Read Access
        • AB Master files
        • AP Master files
        • JC Master files
        • TX Master files

The above permissions can be granted to an existing role or you may elect to create a new role for users of Buyout by following these steps-

  1. Start Sage 300 Construction – Desktop and login as a Security Administrator
  2. Click the Options menu and then Security Administration.
  3. Click Role setup.
  4. In the Roles list, click Add.
  5. In the Name box, type a name for the role. Example: Buyout Users
  6. On the Tasks tab, check the boxes for the items listed above (under Tasks / ODBC / Read Access).
  7. On the Users tab, click Add to assign users to the role.
  8. When finished, close the Role Setup window and close the Security Administration window.
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