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2.4.1.Configuration for Sage 100 Contractor #

Watch a video that shows how to do this.

If you will be using Buyout in conjunction with Sage 100 Contractor, additional configuration may be required in order to grant Buyout access to your Sage 100 Contractor database(s). This consists of two tasks –

Task 1 – Configure Advanced SQL Server Settings

This task must be performed on your Sage 100 Contractor database server (i.e., where the Microsoft SQL Server instance for your Sage 100 Contractor databases is running).

  1. Start Sage 100 ContractorDatabase Administration.
  2. Click Advanced Settings and then Advanced SQL Server Settings.
  3. If the box entitled “Limit access to this SQL Server instance to approved applications” is not checked, you can close Database Administration, skip the remaining steps for Task 1, and move on to Task 2.
  4. Click Edit Approvals.
  5. If you do not see Buyout for Sage Estimating listed, complete the following steps –
    1. Click Edit advanced restrictions. This will open a configuration file in Notepad.
    2. Scroll to the end of the text document and insert a new blank row above the last line (which reads “</ArrayOfApplication>“).
    3. With your cursor on the newly inserted blank line, Copy and Paste the following text:
                      <FormalName>Buyout for Sage Estimating</FormalName>
    4. Click the File menu and then click Save.
    5. Close the Notepad window.
  6. In the Enable Access from Other Applications (i.e., Edit Approvals) window, confirm that the box is checked for Buyout for Sage Estimating and click OK.
  7. Close Database Administration.

Task 2 – Enable User Access

This task can be performed from any workstations where Sage 100 Contractor is installed.

  1. Login to Sage 100 Contractor with administrative access for your Sage 100 Contractor database.
  2. Click the Administration tab and then click Security and then Groups.
  3. In the group list, add a new group:
    • Group#: 99
    • Group Name: API
  4. Click File and then Save to save the group list and then close the Security Groups window.
  5. Click the Administration tab and then click Security and then Users.
  6. For each user who will be using Buyout to create Subcontracts and Purchase Orders in Sage 100 Contractor, add the 99-API group in an available column (Group 1Group 5).
  7. Click File and then Save to save the user list and then close the User List window.
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