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Buyout 2.00.0074

August 30, 2021

Database Compatibility

The Buyout database in this version is not compatible with the previous release (2.0.69). You must use Buyout Database Manager to upgrade your Buyout database(s) after installing this version and before using Buyout.


  • Default Effective Date for Applying Pricing – When a new Buyout Package is created, the “Effective date when applying stored pricing” setting now defaults to “Today”. The setting can be changed to a specific date as before. When applying stored pricing, the “Use Pricing Effective As Of” (in the “Apply Stored Pricing” window) will default to the current date if the Buyout Package setting is set to “Today”. If the Buyout Package setting is set to a specific date, then that date will be used as the default. The user may still change the “Use Pricing Effective As Of” date if needed before clicking Apply.
  • Default Selection when Creating Documents – When creating (or sending) documents, the checked state of each quote now defaults to unchecked. This is to prevent accidental re-sending of documents.
  • Multi-Job / Multi-Phase Purchase Orders for Sage 100 Contractor – Because Sage 100 Contractor does not allow Purchase Orders that span more than one Job or more than one Phase (i.e., Extra), Buyout will now create multiple purchase orders if a given purchase order created in Buyout spans multiple jobs or phases. In this scenario, a period and a sequence number is appended to the end of the purchase order number for each purchase order in the set.
  • Category Assignment – When importing an estimate, if no Job Cost Category code has been assigned to an item, Buyout will now use the assignments stored in Sage Estimating (for the estimate to accounting integration).
  • Default Cc and Bcc – When sending Requests for Quote or Purchase Orders via email, if a Cc or Bcc email is provided, the value will become the new default for future operations. These values are stored by individual user.
  • Use BOM Description – In previous versions, the Item Description was displayed on the Group Items tab but the BOM Description (if provided) would be used on the Select Vendors tab and forward. With this version, use of the BOM Description is now controlled by a setting under File / Buyout Options – Quote Options. If the “Use BOM Description for Order Description” box is unchecked, then the item description will always be used.

Resolved Issues

  • Previously, when importing an estimate that includes Alternates, all items, including those for alternates that were not being included, were imported. This issue has been resolved. Now, when an estimate is imported, items associated with an alternate will only be imported if the alternate has been set to be included in Sage Estimating.
  • Resolved an issue that could lead to an error message and crash when right-clicking on a quote.
  • Resolved an issue where the salutation line of an email would contain only a single comma if there was no contact name identified for the vendor. This has been corrected by omitting the salutation line if there is no contact name.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are now removed from Phase Codes and Item Codes when importing an estimate.