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Buyout 2.00.0067

April 6, 2021

Database Compatibility

The Buyout database in this version is compatible with the previous release (2.0.66).


  • SMTP Email Server Support – In all previous versions, emails sent by Buyout were sent via a transactional email relay service called SendGrid that is provided by InterApptic. In some cases, recipient email servers may block these emails because the email domain of the sender did not match that of the SMTP email server. Now it is possible to use your company’s SMTP email server to send outbound emails. To select this option, go to My Email Options under the File menu. Once you select this option, you will then need to provide your email account information and server name.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue that was introduced in the prior version when sending a Request for Quote stating that the quote had not yet been committed. This has been resolved.
  • Resolved issue with email address validation that was introduced in the prior version. In the prior version, leading or trailing spaces would cause the email address to be reported as invalid. This has been corrected.
  • Resolved issue in Buyout Database Manager with database selection. In prior versions, once the SQL Server for Sage Estimating was selected, the drop-down lists for the databases would seem to continually refresh and not allow a database to be selected until the configuration was saved and re-opened. This has been corrected.