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Buyout 2.00.0065

March 2, 2021

Database Compatibility

The Buyout database in this version is compatible with the previous release (2.0.64).


  • Create Commitments – The “Select” checkbox column has been removed from the Commit step in favor of a new user interface that is displayed when Create Commitments is clicked. The new user interface displays a list of the quotes that are ready to commit. You may then identify the specific quotes that you wish to commit by moving them from the “Ready to Commit” list to the “Selected to Commit” list. Quotes can be moved between the two lists using the arrow buttons displayed between the two lists. Multiple quotes can be selected at once to be moved or all quotes can be moved. In addition, the sequence of the quotes can be controlled by moving quotes up or down in the list of selected quotes. If allowing the system to assign the commitment ID, this will affect the sequence of the commitment IDs assigned.