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Buyout 2.00.0060

February 6, 2021

Database Compatibility

The Buyout database in this version is compatible with the previous release (2.0.59).


  • Tracing Mode – For diagnostic/support purposes, tracing mode can be enabled by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard while starting the application. Trace mode causes certain areas of the program to log additional details as the user exercises those features. The additional details can be useful to the support team for diagnostic purposes. When tracing is enabled, window captions will display the normal window caption plus the text “(Tracing)” as an indicator that trace mode is enabled.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue with Sage 300 CRE caused where the user could enter a user name or password containing a leading or trailing space upon initially logging in. While the leading and/or trailing spaces would be ignored, when creating commitments in Job Cost, a message would be displayed indicating an invalid user name or password. This has been corrected by always removing leading or trailing spaces from the user name and password that is entered.
  • Resolved issue with Sage 100 Contractor caused when the value for the Extra (which maps to the Sage 100 Contractor Phase) consists only of one or more spaces. This would lead to an error indicating that the value is in the wrong format. This has been corrected by eliminating all leading or trailing spaces from the Extra code. If the resulting code contains no characters, the value is considered to be 0 (i.e., Phase 0).
  • Resolved issue introduced in version 2.0.58 where window captions were not being displayed.