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3.1.1.Specify License Server #

The License Server is the computer on which you would have installed the Buyout License Service. The Buyout License Service communicates with the online entitlement system to keep your Buyout license up to date. Computers running the Buyout application communicate with the Buyout License Service running on the License Server in order to check uses out and check them back in.

The Specify License Server window allows you to identify the name (or IP address) of your the computer that is running the Buyout License Service.

Computer Name
Enter the name of the computer or its IP address.

Port Number
Enter the port number with which to communicate with the Buyout License Service. The default port number is 48980. If your network environment does not permit the use of this specific port number, you may use a different port number. This will require that you first configure the Buyout License Service to use the desired port number. Contact technical support for assistance with this task.

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