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2.5.Create Buyout Database #

Watch a video that shows how to do this.

A Buyout database contains all of the information for the various estimates you are working with to buy out. The Buyout database also identifies your Sage Estimating databases and your Accounting/Operations database.

During this operation, you will connect to a SQL Server, create a Buyout database, and configure it for use. Note that this operation requires that you be able to connect to the SQL Server via Windows Authentication and that your account has administrative permissions in order to create and configure databases.

  1. Start Buyout Database Manager.
  2. In the SQL Server Instance box, specify your SQL Server. To do this, you can enter the name of the SQL Server instance (if known), or click the refresh button to the right and then click the drop-down to select from one of the SQL Server instances listed.
  3. Click Create Database.
  4. In the Name of database to be created box, type a new unique name to identify the database you are creating.
  5. Click Create.
  6. In the list of databases, click the name of the database that was created and then click Configure.
  7. In the Sage Estimating SQL Server box, type of select the SQL Server instance that contains your Sage Estimating databases. To populate the drop-list, click the refresh button to the right.
  8. In the Databases box, each of your Sage Estimating databases for each type shown (Estimates, Address Book, Standard Items).
  9. Click Operations System.
  10. In the Type of Operations System box, click the drop-down and select the type of ERP/Operations system you plan to use with Buyout.
  11. Using the options presented, select your specific ERP/Operations database.
  12. Click Save.
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