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3.1.Buyout License Administration #

This program allows you to administer the Buyout license that is stored on a Buyout License Server. You will typically only have one Buyout License Server active in your network environment unless you have multiple uses and have chosen to split up the uses among different Buyout License Servers or stand-alone installations. The Buyout License Administration program does not need to be installed on the same computer as the Buyout License Service because it connects with the Buyout License Service running on the Buyout License Server over your network.

This program requires administrative permissions to run.

First-Time Use
When starting Buyout License Administration for the first time on a given computer, the Specify License Server dialog will be displayed prompting you to identify the license server and port number. Click here for additional information about specifying the license server.

License server
This box identifies the name of the computer that is running the Buyout License Service and the TCP/IP port number used to communicate with it. To change this information, click Change server to display the Specify License Server window.

Registration Information
This area identifies the client ID and registration name associated with your company’s license of Buyout. To specify this information for the first time, or to change it, click Edit registration information to display the Registration Information window.

Expiration Date
For perpetual licenses, this field shows the date through which your maintenance and support is valid. If your maintenance and support has expired, you may contact Sage to renew it. Until it has been renewed, your software will continue to function but you will not be entitled to receive any updates or receive any technical support. For subscription and evaluation license, this field shows the date through which the software will function if not renewed. If your subscription or evaluation license has expired, the software will cease to function and you will need to contact Sage to renew your license in order to regain use of it. If expired, you also will not be entitled to receive any software updates or technical support.

Number of requests which exceed use count (last 90 days)
This field shows the number of times in the past 90 days when a user attempted to use Buyout when all licenses were already in use. This information is provided to help you determine when it might be necessary to acquire additional uses based on demand.

Last License Information Update
This field shows the last date and time when the license service connected with the online entitlement system to get up to date license information. You can trigger the license server to get current information from the online entitlement system any time by clicking Update license information. To de-authorize the license server (i.e., remove all allocated uses from it), click on Deauthorize license server.

License Modules
This list shows modules (e.g., Buyout) that are included in your license. The name of the module and the number of uses allocated to the license server identified above is shown as well as the current number of uses that have been checked out. Uses are checked out when a user starts a new instance of the Buyout application and are checked back in when the instance of the Buyout application is closed.

Multi-Server Licensing
Assuming your company’s license of Buyout includes more than one use, you may install the license service on more than one computer and then designate the number of uses you wish to allocate to each. Click Multi-server licensing to specify the number of uses to allocate to the current server.

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