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Buyout Release History

Buyout 2.00.0062

February 11, 2021 Database Compatibility The Buyout database in this version is compatible with the previous release (2.0.61). Resolved Issues Resolved issue that would lead to items not being displayed for a quote when one or more item had a null value for the Order Notes.

Buyout 2.00.0061

  • Sage 300 CRE Commitment Warnings and Errors are now reported on the Create Commitments Journal
  • Resolved issues

Buyout 2.00.0060

  • Tracing mode allows additional diagnostic data to be collected for support purposes.
  • Resolved minor issues.

Buyout 2.00.0059

  • Added option to import estimate item notes as the Order Notes for items
  • Exposed viewing and editing ability for the Quote Group – Scope of Work, Quote – Notes, and Quote Line Item – Order Notes on the Select Vendors tab.

Buyout 2.00.0058

  • Scope of work for the commitment can now be edited on the Commit step
  • Item-level order notes can now be edited on the Commit step
  • One-Time-Item window now includes fields for Job, Extra, Cost Code, Category, and Tax Group
  • For Sage 300 CRE, the item Order Notes text is now used to populate the Commitment Item – Scope of Work
  • General performance improvements have been made

Buyout 2.00.0048

  • Vendor pricing can now be imported from Excel workbooks returned by vendors
  • Rich Formatting can now be applied to the Quote Group – Scope of Work field

Buyout 2.00.0045

  • New Commitment Order setting now controls order in which commitments are created and printed.
  • New Commitment Item Order setting now controls order in which items are created and printed.
  • Progress indicator now appears when creating multiple commitments
  • New “Project Name” field added to Buyout Package
  • Tax Amount & Total Amount Columns visible in more locations.
  • Item rounding properties (imported from estimate) now display in properties pane
  • Bid Group (i.e., Bid Grid) name is now available as a column to choose when defining views
  • Items included in a Bid Grid are now imported as included items
  • Commitment items can be combined by Job, Extra, Cost Code, Category when creating commitments in Sage 300 CRE Job Cost.
  • Resolved issues

Buyout 2.00.0044

  • List of quotes/commitments on Commit step is now sortable by any column
  • Resolved issues

Buyout 2.00.0043

  • Request-for-Quote and Commitment documents are now produced using Crystal Reports, which can be customized
  • Added “Order Notes” that can be entered for items and printed on RFQs and Commitments.
  • Added “Scope of Work” that can be entered for Quote Groups and printed on RFQs and Commitments
  • Items having units but no dollar amount are now imported when importing an estimate
  • Improved process for re-importing an estimate
  • Quote Group status field is now available for use in views
  • Improved process used to assign the next available purchase order number when sending commitments to Sage 300 CRE Puchasing
  • Improved Tax Group assignment logic.
  • Resolved issues